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CFS Announces the Highly Anticipated Production of Office Reality

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South Beach, Inc. 
A New Reality Show Set to Redefine Entrepreneurship and Competition

Miami Beach, FL – June 19th, 2024 – This summer, the vibrant city of Miami Beach becomes the backdrop for the most exhilarating entrepreneurship reality show to date, "South Beach, Inc." Produced by CrowdFundStudios, Inc, and Angeleno Productions, LLC, this groundbreaking series will challenge contestants to prove their business acumen in a real-world competitive setting with a luxurious twist—a brand new Tesla awaits the winner.

"South Beach, Inc." isn’t just another reality show; it’s a high-stakes business battleground where contestants are put in charge of new startup companies. Over a span of 90 days, they will strive to outperform their competitors in sales and customer satisfaction. This show combines the thrill of intense business challenges with the drama of interpersonal dynamics, set against the iconic and scenic views of Miami Beach.

The Ultimate Prize
The stakes are high as the winner of the competition will drive away in a brand new Tesla, symbolizing not only a significant personal victory but also the successful launch of their career in the business world. This grand prize underscores the show’s commitment to celebrating and rewarding innovation and hard work.

Casting and Production
Casting for "South Beach, Inc." is currently underway, with a diverse group of entrepreneurial spirits from across the nation expected to participate. Production is set to begin shortly, promising to capture every moment of triumph and tension in high-definition glory.

Broadcast and Viewing Details
"South Beach, Inc." is scheduled to premiere on "YouTubeTV". 

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